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The Village of Anna is set in beautiful rural Shelby County, Ohio and is located along the I-75 corridor. The population of the village was 1,567 at the 2010 census.

You'll find quality housing, an outstanding school system, thriving businesses, excellent public park and recreational facility, a strong religious foundation and a feeling of community that very few places can boast of. We are proud that many young people choose to raise their families here because of the quality of life inherent in the community.

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Anna is probably best known for its excellent school system. Anna produces outstanding students who excel both academically and athletically. Our school system has received an excellent rating for several years. The high school and middle school, located close to the center of the village are complimented by a state of the art elementary school in the north end of town. We invite you to explore Anna Local Schools and learn more about the quality education we have to offer.

You'll find that there are exciting opportunities to work, or start a business here. The Village of Anna and the surrounding communities support a wide variety of businesses and industries employing local residents.

Anna is also home to the Honda of America Manufacturing Plant that produces engines and other components for a range of Honda vehicles. The engine plant employs approximately 2,500 and is within 2 miles of the Village corporation.

The Village of Anna boasts a wonderful and well-kept park facility. The park features a great playground for kids, restroom facilities, tennis courts, a volleyball/badminton net, soccer fields, horseshoe pits, a walking path (a little over a 1/2 mile), open grassy areas for recreational activities and two shelter houses equipped with electric and picnic tables.

The Village is known for its annual Anna Homecoming Festival, which is held in June.
This fun-filled festival is sponsored by the Anna Civic Association and provides activities and entertainment for all ages. Enjoy a parade, cruise-in car show, Queen and Little Miss pageants, rides and games, just to name a few. Plus, local bands play music throughout the festivals, and there is always plenty of food to satisfy everyone’s palate! Visit the news/events page for more information.

The Village of Anna was built on a strong religious foundation. That foundation is evident as you notice the five vibrant churches located in the community. The St. Jacobs Lutheran Church and the Anna United Methodist Churches are located within the Village limits. Outside the Village limits, you'll find the Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church in nearby McCartyville, the Immanuel United Church of Christ in Kettlersville and the Anna Church of Christ to the Southwest of the Village. All three of these churches are located within the Anna School District.

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Public Notice
To Residents and Occupants,
The Village of Anna will be smoke testing the sanitary sewer in the upcoming weeks in your neighborhood. This testing is scheduled to begin the week of September 15, 2015. The study will involve opening manholes in the street and blowing smoke through the sewers with a protable blower. An improtant step in testing will be to locate defects in the sewer system. The smoke testing will also reveal sources where storm water and other surface waters enter the snaitary sewer system.

A special, NON-TOXIC smoke will be used in these tests. The smoke is manufactured for this purpose. It leaves no residuals or stains, and has no effect on plant or animal life. The smoke has a distinctive, but not unpleasant odor. Visibility and odor of the smoke lasts only a few minutes, where there is adequate ventilation.

Because the plumbing in your home or building are connected to the sanitary sewer system, some smoke may enter your your home or place of business. This could occur if one of the following conditions is present:
* Vents connected to your building's sewer pipes are inadequate, defective, or improperly installed.
*Drain traps for sinks, tubs, basins, showers, and other drains, are dry, defective, improperly installed, or missing.
*Pipes, connections, and seals of the wastewater drain system in and under your buildings are damaged, defective, have plugs missing, or are improperly installed.

All residents are advised, that if traces of smoke or its odor enter your home or building, it is an indication that gases and odors from the sewer may enter as well. Gases and odors from the sewer can be both unpleasant and dangerous, as well a a health risk to the occupants. IF YOU HAVE ANY SELDOM-USED DRAINS, POUR WATER IN THE DRAIN TO FILL THE TRAP. THIS WILL PREVENT SEWER GASES OR ODORS FROM ENTERING YOUR BUILDING. If smoke enters your home or business during the testing, you sould contact a member of the smoke testing crew in the area or call the Village of Anna at 937-394-7363.

It is important to notifiy the crew of the sources of smoke that enters your home or building. The crew member will be able to help you located where the smoke has entered your home or building. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

The information gained from this testing will be used to improve the sanitary sewer.

If you have any questions on this matter, please contact the Village of Anna Public Works Department at 937-394-7363 and leave a message.

Village of Anna Public Works Department


September 12, 2015 -7:30 p.m. Uncommom Quartet- gospel singers
October 11, 2015- 1:00-5:00 p.mScarecrows/craft/vendor/car show in the Park




An emergency mass notification alert system is available for all Shelby County residents and workers to provide rapid notification about local emergencies, hazards and other threats using a mix of telephone calls, text and email messages, and TTY/TDD service for the hearing impaired. This service will be used primarily for alerts in regards to public safety, weather, environmental hazards, criminal activity and missing persons.

To register, please call 937.492.5636 or sign up online:



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