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Refuse & Recycling



Curbside refuse and recycling collection takes place every Wednesday, except for holidays. Trash bags and recycling bins should be placed at the curb by 6:00 AM.


A recycling trailer is available for use by Village of Anna residents. The trailer is located in the parking lot at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Wastewater Treatment Plant
516 W. Main St.
Anna, Ohio 45302

For More Information contact:
Village of Anna
209 West Main Street
Anna, Ohio 45302


The Village contracts with Republic Services and utilizes a bag system whereby residents must purchase specially-marked trash bags. Bags are available for purchase at the Village Hall or Anna IGA.

The contractor will pick up an unlimited amount of bags from each household. However, the bags should not include refuse of a commercial nature or bulk items. Bulk items are picked up curbside on the normal collection day and require a special tag which can be purchased at the Village Office located at 209 West Main Street.

Unlimited Trash Pick Up
A resident may also elect to have unlimited trash pickup. Instead of paying per bag, Republic Services will provide a tote and unlimited trash can be set out for pick up for a flat fee. Large item pickup is also included in the unlimited option. Contact Republic Services directly to set up this service by calling 937-593-3566.


Each household in the Village of Anna will receive two recycling bins; one light green bin and one dark green bin. The light green bin is for paper & cardboard and the dark green bin is for co-mingled items which includes plastic bottles & jugs, glass bottles & jars and aluminum & steel cans.

Using two recycling bins is known as a dual-stream collection system. This type of system allows for Shelby County Recycling to more efficiently collect the recyclables at the curb, which saves time and money. Proper recycling is very important to the success of the curbside recycling program.

Anna Curbside Recycling Brochure

How to Recycle with Two Recycling Bins at the Curb

Paper items include newspapers, magazines, advertisements, junk mail, copy paper, paperboard and cardboard.

  • All papers should be placed loose in the paper only bin or put in brown paper bags. Do Not bundle or tie papers.

  • All cardboard and paperboard boxes must be flattened and cut down into pieces smaller than 2' x 3'. Examples of paperboard includes cereal, cracker, cake & rice boxes.

  • Please remove all plastic wraps & bags.

  • NO wet papers/boxes will be accepted.

  • NO boxes with food residue (such as pizza boxes with grease or cheese).

  • On rainy/windy days, paper/cardboard should be placed in plastic grocery bags and tied shut.

Co-mingled items include plastic bottles & jugs (#1 & #2 only), glass bottles & jars, aluminum cans and steel food cans.

  • PLASTIC: Plastic bottles and jugs include milk jugs, beverage bottles, shampoo bottles, laundry jugs, and household cleaning bottles. Only plastic bottles and jugs that have a #1 or #2 recycling symbol on them will be accepted for recycling.

  • GLASS: Glass bottles and jars include clear, green and brown glass food or beverage bottles/jars. NO other glass items will be accepted for recycling.

  • ALUMINUM: Aluminum cans include food & beverage containers and pet food cans. NO scrap aluminum will be accepted for recycling.

  • STEEL: Steel cans include bi-metal (tin/steel) food, soup, coffee and pet food cans. NO scrap steel will be accepted for recycling.

  • Please remove all lids & rinse thoroughly.

  • UNACCEPTABLE ITEMS: Automotive product containers, plastic containers #3 through #7, bowls, buckets, tubs, bags, flower pots, microwave/fast food trays, Styrofoam, toys, mirrors, ceramics, light bulbs, window glass, drinking glasses, dishes, china, paint cans, pots, pans, hangers, medical needles, diapers, batteries or appliances.

Additional or replacement recycling bins are available at the Anna Village Office. 
Please call 937-394-3751 for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse any unacceptable items. The Curbside Recycling Program is for Residential Recycling Only.


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