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Anna Community Park is located on East Main Street (SR 119) on the West side of the Village between N. First St. and Brookside Dr.

This wonderful park facility features a great playground for kids, restroom facilities, tennis courts, a volleyball/badminton net, soccer fields, horseshoe pits, a walking path (a little over a 1/2 mile), open grassy areas for recreational activities and two shelter houses equipped with electric and picnic tables.

The Village of Anna is continuously making improvements to enhance the park facilities as time and funds allow. We invite anyone with comments or suggestions or those who would like to volunteer for the Park Committee to please contact the Village Office.

Village Office — 937.394.3751

See the News/Events page for events held at the park.


There are two shelter houses and a pergola available for rent in the park. The large shelter house accommodates 8 picnic tables and the small shelter house accommodates 4 picnic tables. Both shelters feature electrical hookups.

Shelter House Rental Information


For safety reasons, please note that there is NO PARKING ALLOWED along the entire east side of the Wastewater Treatment Plant Driveway. Visitors may park in the gravel area along the west side of the drive and in the gravel parking lot north of the far west soccer field.


The village owns and operates the park which is open to the community for recreational uses. For the safety of individuals using the park and to protect the park facilities, the following rules have been established:

  1. No person shall drive or operate any motorized vehicle in the park except in designated parking areas or driveways.

  2. No person shall block or obstruct the driveway to the park or to the adjoining wastewater treatment plant.

  3. No person shall consume or possess any alcoholic beverage in the park.

  4. All pets must be on a leash and shall be the responsibility of their owners. Any person having charge of an animal is responsible for cleaning up after that animal.

  5. No person shall litter in the park.

  6. No person shall deface or damage any park grounds, landscaping, equipment, buildings or structures.

  7. No person shall climb on any park equipment, buildings, or structures except for playground equipment expressly intended for climbing activity.

  8. The park is open from sun-up to sun-down throughout the year with the exception of the tennis courts, which are open from 6:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. The village may from time to time close the tennis courts, restrooms, and other park facilities seasonally to protect park facilities from damage due to weathering or other concerns.


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